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This is a list of notable people who have adhered to a vegetarian diet at some point during their life. In the cases where a person’s vegetarian status is disputed or they no longer adhere to a vegetarian diet, they are categorized as disputed or former

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Anonymous, "An Account of the Battle of Princeton". Pp. 310-312, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 8.Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1884. Anonymous, "Council of War At a Board of General Officers Convened at New Windsor 12 June 1781". Pp. 102-103, The Magazine of American history with notes and queries , Vol.III, A. S. Barnes., 1879.

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22 Feb 2019, 6:00am Comment: The Independent Group spells electoral ruin for Jeremy Corbyn and offers a glimmer of daylight for Tories

Ma Hongkui (b. March 9, 1892, Linxia, Gansu, China – d. Jan. 14, 1970, Los Angeles, Calif.), chairman of the government of Ningxia (1932-49). A Muslim, he graduated from Lanzhou Military Academy and was nominated commander of the Ningxia Modern Army and commander of the 7th Division (after the founding of the republic).

2019. February 18. New hotels will increase Bermuda’s room numbers by 240, the Bermuda Tourism Authority reported on Friday. Kevin Dallas, the chief executive of the BTA, said the Azura, Caroline Bay and St George’s hotel developments would reverse a decades-long downward trend.

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