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Excel Dashboard Course + Excel Power Query Course + Power Pivot Course Free Full Download 5 out of 5 based on 14 ratings.

Day 2 focuses on Power Pivot, a technology that is revolutionizing the way that we look at data inside Microsoft Excel.Power Pivot allows you to link multiple tables together without a single VLOOKUP statement. It also enables you to pull data together from different tables, databases, the web, and other sources like never before.

Introduction to Power Pivot and the Data Model 30. ( 01:25:32 ) Power Query to import multiple Text File tables with over one million records combine them into a single Table.

In the next two videos we will be putting together the dashboard. There is also a shorter video below where I give a Pivot Chart a makeover.

Downloads. Use this checklist to cleanup your source data before creating a Pivot Table. Pivot Table Source Data Checklist – Excel Campus.pdf (262.2 KB)

Excel webinars on-demand at no cost. Topics like Excel Dashboards, Power BI and Pivot Tables. Sample files available to download. Watch any time you like.

Power Query can pivot, flatten, cleanse, and shape your data through its suite of options and its own language, M. 2) Importing Data from Multiple Sources. One of the other key benefits of Power Pivot for Excel is the ability to easily import data from multiple sources. Previously, many of us created multiple worksheets for our various data.

Description. Learn how to use Microsoft PowerPivot to do self service Business Intelligence. This course will guide you through importing data, working with it, then creating pivot tables and charts all in Excel 2010.

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Bottom line: Learn how to analyze multiple choice survey data. We will use Power Query to transform the data, then analyze the results with Pivot Tables and Charts. A 3-part video series explains all the techniques in detail.

Bottom line: Learn how this FREE Excel add-in from Microsoft called Power Query will help transform your data into a format that is ready for pivot tables, reports, and so much more. Skill level: Beginner In this tutorial I provide an introductory explanation of Power Query. You will learn why this is my new favorite Excel tool for working with data, and how it can help automate processes and.


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